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Comfort & Relax

"Life in Sardinia is maybe the best that a man can wish for: twenty-four thousand Kilometres of forest,
countrysides, coasts immersed in a miraculous sea that should coincide with what I would recommend to God to give us as Paradise..."
(Fabrizio De André)

Our structure consists of 3 rooms, each designed and furnished to give our guests a pleasant stay.
We have designed every corner of this house to allow you to enjoy every moment,
because your stay is not just a holiday, but an experience ... unforgettable!

In every room you will find free Wi-Fi, a desk,
stand hanging clothes or drawers, TV, air conditioning,
private bathroom with shower or bathtub, toiletries,
hairdryer, high quality linen.


Our prices are competitive all year round.
Did you know that if you book directly from this site, you will enjoy the best rate on the web?
Not to mention additional exclusive benefits such as totally free bike rental.


Sorso enjoys a geographical position of considerable landscape value;
its coast, with the famous beaches of Marina di Sorso
and of Platamona, it extends for around 18 km.

Romangia's room

“The residence of shepherds”

Stone walls and juniper beams make up the main structure of this room, furnished with objects and materials that accompanied the daily life of the shepherd. In addition to a bed of a square and a half of the early 900 completely iron and embroidered in nacre, you will also find a beautiful fireplace.
The furnishings are completed by an LCD TV, a minibar, a conditioned area and an en-suite bathroom. You can also take advantage of a luxury courtesy set.

“The artisan shop”

Sardinian craftsmanship is a collection of crafts dating back to the ancient popular tradition that you will find enclosed within this room. Furnished with rugs, cushions, tapestries and curtains largely made with antique frames. The traditional baskets made by local artisans and the unmissable Sardinian ceramic are the setting. The room also offers a private bathroom, double bed, minibar, LCD TV, air conditioning and a luxury courtesy set.

“The meeting of angels”

You can also take advantage of: private bathroom, air conditioning, library, LCD TV, minibar and luxury courtesy set.
Designed to make our guests live a stay of total relax, this room is our flagship.
To frame a French bed, a charming corner with shower and Jacuzzi with the possibility of making chrome and radio therapy.
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